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There is no poker player that doesn't know what kind of game is Texas Holdem. Texas Holdem is a poker game that doesn't differ much from other poker games. Usually it is played with the standard 52-card deck, including four card suits - Clubs, Diamonds, Spades and Hearts. The players can be from 2 to 9. Texas Holdem is very spectacular and easy to learn how-to-play. In general, Texas Holdem is a part of the Community card games family. This is because there are five cards, dealt in the middle of the table, that are used by all of the players around the table, in order to form a hand. These cards are called community cards. The players also receive two hole cards. They are dealt to each of the players ansd are for personal use. There are four betting rounds during the initial game after each dealing of the cards. The game starts with Blinds, put by the first two players to the left side of the dealer. The dealer's position is indicated with a dealer button that moves after each played hand. The cards are dealt in four rounds - Pre-Flop /the hole cards/, Flop /the first three community cards/, Turn /fourth community cards/ and River /fifth community card/.

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